Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Continental Divide

I hate top sheets. It is the feel. They are so cold and not snuggley. I usually use a flannel top sheet because I can tell myself it is more of a really light blanket...yes...that's it...a blanket.
A few nights ago, we got ready to go to bed and I realized the sheets were in the washing machine. (My three year old got grape jelly on them. Don't ask how this happened.) So, since I was to lazy to dig out another flannel, my husband grabs the top of the stack to throw on the bed, which happens to be a regular sheet. Did I mention I HATE regular top sheets. So this was how the conversation went:
I said, " I hate top sheets like that"
Gary: "Well I don't like NOT having a top sheet"
Me: "Maybe I should just cut the sheets down the middle and make my half flannel and your half regular?"
Gary (giving me a look) "Whatever"
I knew the look.  We have been married for almost 9 years. It was the "you are just stupid enough to do something like that aren't you" look. So since he followed this look up with "whatever", I figured it was a go.
So, this morning, after my husband went to work, I sewed the sheets together.
His side is white with a bit of colored stripe (which now that I look close, you can see that I didn't sew it very straight). My side is a nice fuzzy sheep flannel. I love sheep.
It's not that I am trying to keep my husband off my side of the bed. He is MORE than welcome to visit. I just love a good compromise.
Oh, I almost forgot, I will be cutting up the extra part that I cut off, to use for crocheting rugs! I NEVER throw anything away!

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  1. LOL! No way! This is perfect. And functional. I love it. :)