Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maybe you could learn to like me....Hang me in your bathroom

I have always loved the movie Annie, Even before my mother gave birth to my darling little sister who happened to have the exact same hair (although she never has looked good in red).  If you don't know the movie well, Daddy Warbucks refuses a painting, looks at it a second time and says,"Wait a minute, There is something about her. I think I could learn to like her. Hang it in my bathroom."  The painting happens to be the Mona Lisa.  Anne then goes on to say," Maybe you could learn to like me, Hang me in your bathroom."  I love that line.
That line inspired me to crochet my husband's used underwear into a bathroom rug.
Yes....that's right. Let me explain.
I love my husband very much, he is an awesome Christian man, Father, nurse, and all around good guy. Did I mention he is good looking and smells fabulous......Anyway, he has a weird thing about socks and underwear. If he could afford to only wear them once and throw them away, he would. He buys new ones alllllll the time. Whenever I wear his socks, he complains that I stretch them out. I wear a women's size 9 shoe.  He wears a men's size 11 shoe.  Who's on my side with that argument?
Recently we were doing some cleaning out in our bedroom.  He had a pile of boxers he was going to throw in the trash.  I can not tell you enough how these were used boxers, but they were not USED.  He might have worn some of them a couple times. He used to wear boxers and recently decided to switch to boxer briefs. (Yeah, he is going to love it that I announced this to the whole internet).  It makes more sense for him, he is a nurse for goodness sakes.  He wears scrubs. You gotta contain your package somehow in those clothes.
Now that I have probably thoroughly embarrassed my husband I will get back to the rug.  I am CRAZY frugal, and just plain weird about throwing stuff away. I looked at those boxers and it hit me.
Maybe I could learn to like them.....crochet them into a rug for my bathroom!
So, here I go. wish me luck.

I think I will throw away the elastic waistbands. I mean who would make stuff out of waistbands!! That would just be NUTS!!

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