Wednesday, January 30, 2013

underwear? under where?

I finished up my bathroom rug this evening. I ended up using 15 pairs of boxer shorts, and that wasn't quite enough. The last row on each side was finished out in some cotton material my mother gave me. It was black with a blue flame (seemed appropriate with the underwear)
 I didn't use a pattern for this rug. I just made a chain until it was as wide as I wanted. Then I double crocheted across in each row(chaining two to turn) until I got my desired length. This rug is fairly small, because I don't have a very large space for it. My bathroom is, well, terrible. It just isn't set up well. I can't wait to remodel it, but for now that is last on my list.

Next up, my lovely husband (I really do love him!), volunteered me to make 300 little cloth purses for a mission trip he is going on with our church this summer. Also, I have an awesome pattern i am working up for a little something I will be donating to a charity in March! Oh, and I promise it will be made from new yarn, and not something I unraveled from my husbands wardrobe!

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