Thursday, June 6, 2013

Am I doing things the WRITE way?

We homeschool.......
Whenever we speak this line to anyone, it always starts a conversation. Some people are strongly against it and some people give us praise and ask questions about how they can go about doing it themselves.  We have a million and one reasons why we homeschool our little girls instead of sending them to the public school (which by the way is a great school), but I won't get into that just now.
I am always very critical of myself. Homeschooling can bring this out full force. I don't always have the best grammar  and I wasn't ever a straight A student myself. So how do I have the skills to teach my children?
This is a question that I ask myself quite a bit. I still don't have the answer. I hope and pray that God guides me in the right direction, but how do I know?
It is the little things that tell me, for example:
My Eight year old loves the Disney movie Brave and one day she came up with this contraption all on her own.

In case you haven't seen the movie, the main character (Merida) is an amazing archer. My daughter really wants a bow and arrow, but for the time being she is happy to use her home made one.

It is made from a foam sword (which was already starting to break and duct taped back together), the elastic waist band from her father's boxer shorts, and the arrow is a half a pool noodle.  Believe it or not, it actually shoots pretty well.

Yesterday, my little sister came to visit and my eight year old shared a book with her that she had been writing. I was unaware of this book. She likes to be very secretive about things she is writing or drawing until they are completely finished, but she frequently shares her secrets with her aunt because they are very close at heart!  My sister came to me and said," have you read this book? It is really impressive, several chapters done already, a title and everything!" I was pretty excited, but I kept it to myself. I can't wait until she brings me the finished product.

I will probably always question myself about whether or not I am doing a good job with educating my children. I guess I won't know for sure until they are adults, but until then, I am satisfied by their little sparks of creativity.


  1. How awesome that she is writing a book! I also have 4 and 8 yo girls and am attempting to homeschool them. As moms it is difficult not to judge ourselves too harshly, especially when we are educating our children. Keep it up and know that you are doing what is best, the best way that you know how, for your family.

    1. Thanks, It is always nice to hear kind words, especially from a fellow homeschooler. What state are you from. We are in Illinois, so laws here are very lax. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.